Thursday, April 24, 2014

Q. May I have your email address? Will you answer my Tweets? May I send you a letter?

I’d love to get your mail.

Please send it to:

Mo Willems Fan Mail
c/o Rock Dove
Hyperion Books for Children (and Pigeons)
125 West End Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10023

Please note that due volume, I can no longer be able to personally reply to every single letter.  However, every letter received is important and will receive a regularly updated letter from me. 

Please be patient.

Teachers, a cover letter with the grade of your students is appreciated.

If you have a question regarding rights/permissions, contact my agent Marcia Wernick at Wernick & Pratt.

Now the un-fun bit:

Please note, packages or books to be signed cannot be accepted and will be returned.

No pitches, business opportunities, offers, or book ideas will be considered. Fan mail is for me to communicate directly with my readers.

As for other sorts of correspondence, I'm afraid time constraints & privacy concerns do not allow for me to email with my fans.

My residence is private; any mail that comes to it from persons unknown is not opened.

I don't Tweet, but The Pigeon does.  It would be silly to expect a pigeon to reply to your twitter missives.  

(Teachers: please do not invite Mo to attend events, skype, etc. via twitter with your students.  Twitter is not a place for such invitations and will only lead to unnecessary disappointment.)