Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Q. What are your favorite interviews?

Here are some interviews that will give you a sense of how I work for those of you interested or assigned to find out.


Mo Willems's Funny Failures The New Yorker has an in-depth look at my career, philosophy, and more.  There is also an accompanying New Yorker Radio Hour interview where we musicals and I read from a few books.

There is No Formula.  A podcast, The YARN, speaks at length and in depth about the hows and whys of my work.


Mo Willems and the Art of the Children's Book.  This New York Times review of my retrospective exhibit at the New-York Historical Society is also a  (very flattering) review of my career so far. 

Mo Willems and the art of children's books.  This CBS Saturday Morning interview includes behind the scenes shots and a few comments by the teen-aged Trixie. 


The Pigeon Is On A Game Show. I joined the cast of NPR's ASK ME ANOTHER to talk about my career and answer questions poorly.


CBS SUNDAY interview with Rita Braver.  A nice piece that chronicles my career, my work in theater, philosophy, and why Paris. 


TODAY show interview with Al Roker.  We had a blast doodling all over the place, plus Al gives a nice overview of my work.



A Rival for Pigeon (NPR's Morning Edition) A fun chat about Pigeon, Duckling, Death, and Why Parents are Cool.


Mo Willems is the go-to author for children — and their parents (Washington Post) A lovely feature piece about my work and career with great pictures of kids yelling.



 Guilt for dinner: The MoWillems interview (Time Out Chicago) Fun interview on my writing philosophy.


'Elephant and Piggie' author Mo Willems on his latest best-seller and his new Pigeon app (Entertainment Weekly.com) Self explanatory, fun interview.

 Zena Sutherland Lecture: “Why Books” (Horn Book) A transcription of a speech I delivered in Chicago.




Seriously Funny (Northampton Gazette) My local paper writes one of the best features on me yet.


Mo Willems& Jon Muth (NYTimes Podcast) Jon and I discuss City Dog Country Frog and other work.




 Getting Adults to Draw (NPR’s All Things Considered)I get Michelle Norris to doodle, and she likes it.

Joyously Uncool (Trap Door Sun) Interview on my process and book work.




MakeReading “Mo” Fun (Scholastic.com) Essay on reading with the very young.



Talking in his Sheep (AWN.com) long interview about Sheep in the Big City and my career up to that point.


Now Mom andDad Are Going Cartoon-Crazy, Too (NYTimes) Story about animation and my career before the release (and immediate failure) of Sheep in the Big City

I hope you enjoy.