Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Q. I'm seeing a lot of your characters on products. Are they licensed?

Unfortunately, there have been a slew of online companies creating unlicensed products.  This is a problem for several reasons besides its illegality.  Unlicensed product hurts my actual licensees, who tend to be smaller, independent companies that contribute some of their profits towards worthy causes.  It also hurts the booksellers who sell that licensed product.  

Our recent benefit t-shirt for front line medical workers went from idea to market in record time because of our close relationship with Out of Print (the company that makes my t-shirts, masks, pins, & bags).  We raised $ 35 k with that initiative alone.

On a personal note, I have spent many years ensuring that my characters are on the side of kids and their design is pleasing. Many knock-offs are clearly on the side of adults who wants to modify children's behavior; a breaking of trust between my characters and my audience.  Also, what is up with those typefaces?

Consistent licensees include Out of Print, YottoY, and Demco.

Wernick & Pratt has offered guidelines for use of my characters and ways to spot infringement.  Please take a look.